Machinery Packaging Types

    • Shrink Packaging


    • Vacuum Packaging


    • VCI Tuffpaulin Packaging


    • VCI Aluminium Barrier Foils


    • VCI Metal Barrier

Vacuum Packaging with Aluminium Barrier Foil

Off loading machine

Machine on packing case base

Covered in foil vacuum

Seal foil bag


Remove air from foil bag

Sealed machine in packing case

Completed packing case

Re-load packaged machine

VCI Packaging with RustX VCI Covers

Laying the base VCI Sheet
Laying the Base VCI Sheet

placing machine on the pallet
Placing Machine on the Pallet

Tightening the foundation bolts
Tightening the Foundation Bolts

placing the vci dhf pouches for extra corrosion protection
 Placing the VCI & DHF Pouches for Extra Corrosion Protection


Putting on the VCI bag
 Putting on the VCI Bag Cover

taping the edges of the bag
 Taping the edges of the bag with the Base Sheet

Putting normal plastic bag for extra protection
 Putting Normal Plastic bag for extra protection

Taping the extra bag
 Taping the extra bag to the VCI bag and ready to ship

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